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Date Published: September 25 2013

What is the process for a practitioner to register and use

Practitioner registration at is quick, easy and takes less than 2 minutes. DME providers can initiate the registration of a practitioner, so all that's required of the practitioner is choosing a Username and Password and linking to the DME Company on Register by simply clicking on the top right REGISTER button on the home page of the website, selecting PRACTITIONER REGISTRATION and completing the required fields. If you need any assistance, DMEevalumate offers training and free consultations regarding strategies to approaching referral sources. Call 800-986-9368 for more information. 

Keep in mind that the urgency to complete accurate and complete power mobility device (PMD) and Respiratory (Oxygen and PAP therapy) documentation might not be recognized by many practitioners. They may not have submitted a face-to-face evaluation to Medicare and had it denied as incomplete. Therefore, practitioners might not know there is a problem and appreciate the level of urgency that DME providers have. Taking a copy of a prior authorization denial letter to the referring practitioner (who did not utilize for the PMD face-to-face evaluation) may prove beneficial in illuminating a simple solution to a complex problem. In comparison, showing them a face-to-face evaluation document and seven-element order that was completed utilizing and received PA approval is also effective.

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