The online patient assessment tool offers a series of questions that can be easily answered by the practitioner.'s algorithmic approach to analyzing the physician-supplied patient information, comparing it to the Medicare criteria and accurately matching what equipment the patient qualifies for, guarantees a positive experience for the user. The program is extremely intuitive, but we understand that with anything new comes questions.

The following Training Guides offer a series of videos and PDFs to help DME providers and practitioners go through the program, better understand what it is and what it isn't, and feel more confident about using the tool during DME face-to-face evaluations:

Practitioners Training Guide


Videos and PDFs for Practitioners

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DME Providers Training Guide

DME Providers

Videos and PDFs for DME Providers

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Quick Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

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Review additional frequently asked questions that are addressed as part of DMEevalumate's Tips From The Trenches weekly news feed.

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