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Date Published: August 12 2013

Q: What do I need to do if I get a Medicare denial for PMD equipment?

A: Send an email to and let us know about the denial. Fax the denial letter and the documentation that was submitted to 800-986-9368, and a DMEevalumate Medicare coverage criteria expert will call to advise you on next steps.

Remember, the goal is not to guarantee power mobility equipment for everyone. The goal is to accurately determine who qualifies for PMD, as per Medicare coverage criteria, and document medical justification that will receive Prior Authorization approvals and pass Audits. acts as an intermediary between the physician and the Medicare coverage criteria, to determine what PMD equipment, if any, the patient qualifies for. If the patient doesn’t qualify, the physician answers further questions to determine if the patient qualifies for any other type of assistive device, such as canes and walkers.

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