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Date Published: May 08 2013

Is DMEevalumate in compliance with Medicare?

Compliance is our first priority. DMEevalumate meets Medicare's safe harbor provisions regarding the current definition of software interoperability. Medicare regulations continue to evolve and there may be future new proposed amendments to regulations concerning health records and services. DMEevalumate endeavors to keep abreast of these ever-changing criteria and regulations to ensure continued compliance.   

There are no kickbacks. A practitioner is able to perform an evaluation using for free and does not receive any compensation for completing it. DMEevalumate does not keep record of the documentation generated; once completed it is 100 percent in the practitioner’s possession and should be saved accordingly.

There is no direct link between a DME provider purchasing credits and receiving a referral. Purchasing credits enables a DME provider to display their name and logo on where it will be visible to any practitioner who uses the program. However, the practitioner is under no obligation to choose one DME provider over another. He/she can refer the patient and equipment to any DME provider they wish. They can select any DME provider who is registered in the system, or manually input the information for a DME provider who is not in the system.  

The following links provide further information to assist our clients in researching compliance:

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