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Date Published: April 18 2013

How can I get my physicians to complete all the fields in form 484 for Oxygen?

By being the first to introduce your referring physicians to an online face-to-face electronic template for respiratory equipment.

Depending on the respiratory equipment a patient needs, different forms are required and/or steps need to be taken.’s algorithmic program understands the certificate of medical necessity (CMN) and specific paperwork required for each diagnosis. If a patient has been identified as needing oxygen, for example, DMEevalumate takes the practitioner through a series of questions that upon completion produces sections A and B of the 484 form. Section C is then completed by the DME provider and the practitioner signs section D.

Without the help of an electronic template, DME providers can spend months trying to get complete information for oxygen and PAPs. Sometimes a physician’s face-to-face notes are missing a signature or a date or diagnosis code, and consequently the notes do not provide the required insurance coverage criteria. DME representatives frequently need to go back to the physician’s office to obtain the missing information. DMEevalumate’s respiratory module ensures that the practitioner goes through each required step in minutes, and answers all the required questions before they can move on.

“Having successfully moved hundreds of power mobility device (PMD) requests through Medicare for Prior Authorization approval, and achieving a 99 percent success rate, respiratory is the next obvious step for us,” Jamie Loper, ATP, co-founder of said.  

The respiratory module will be available for DME providers and practitioners nationwide in May, 2013.


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