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Date Published: May 02 2013

Why do I need to change the way I have been doing business for the last 20 years?

Three Words: Accurate Complete Documentation.

One Document:

Summary: 50 percent of the 12,000 Prior Authorization requests sent to Medicare between September 2012 and March 2013 were denied due to improper documentation as submitted. 

Solution: When the patient meets the appropriate criteria necessitating the use of durable medical equipment, DMEevalumate boasts a 99 percent success rate in providing the submission of documentation necessary to move authorization requests through Medicare for approval. 

Secret: An online electronic template and so much more! The algorithmic program DMEevalumate compares the practitioner's answers in the questionnaire in conjunction with Medicare criteria, to determine what durable medical equipment, if any, the patient qualifies for. If the patient qualifies for a PMD, DMEevalumate produces a perfect face-to-face evaluation and seven-element order as a PDF file that is saved by the practitioner, uploaded to the patient's medical records and printed so that it can be submitted to a payer source, such as Medicare. 

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" is the perfect solution to time management and accurate documentation," James Smith, M.D.