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Date Published: June 14 2013

Which DME items require a face-to-face evaluation and detailed written order from a physician?

Effective July 1 2013, Medicare requires a face-to-face evaluation for most DME equipment.


This new requirement is for detailed written orders for face-to-face encounters conducted by the physician, PA, NP or CNS for more than a hundred DME items, as identified by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).


As a condition for payment, Section 6407 of the Affordable Care Act requires a physician to document a face-to-face evaluation with a patient in the six months prior to the written order for DME items, including a variety of mattress pads, hospital beds, portable oxygen systems, and lift mechanisms to name but a few. To view a complete list of items under this new rule, click CMS MLN Matters Released May 31, 2013.


This change means that a patient can no longer simply call their primary care physician and request the DME items identified in this new rule and receive a prescription. Instead, they will need to schedule an appointment for a face-to-face evaluation. The date of the face-to-face evaluation must be prior to the date of the written order.


The face-to-face encounter conducted by the physician, PA, NP or CNS, must document that the beneficiary was evaluated and/or treated for a condition that supports the item(s) of the DME ordered. If completed by a PA, NP or CNS, the physician must co-sign and date the pertinent portion of the medical record.


The written order for the DME item must include the following:

1/ The beneficiary’s name

2/ The DME item

3/ The prescribing practitioner’s National Provider Identifier (NPI)

4/ Practitioner’s signature

5/ The date of the order


DME providers should not vend any of the DME items listed in this new requirement without a detailed written order and the office visit note, otherwise known as a face-to-face evaluation, and expect Medicare coverage for the vended equipment. Failure to obtain the required paperwork will result in the denial of the claim, when reviewed in a pre-or post-payment audit.

For more detailed information about the new face-to-face rule for DME items, go to and search Medicare Learning Network (MLN) Matters, number MM8304.

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