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Date Published: August 15 2013

Why are so many PMD requests for prior authorization denied?

Answer: Incomplete or insufficient medical justification documentation.

DMEevalumate’s advice: Get your DME documentation checklist in order. And check it twice before submitting to a payer source like Medicare. 

If you are overwhelmed with paperwork and do not want to create additional work and checklists, subscribe to, the only truly interactive electronic template that:

- Helps eliminate the top four reasons for PA denial as stated in a July CMS report: CLICK HERE

- Compares the physician’s answers during a face-to-face evaluation with Medicare’s coverage criteria.

- Helps DME providers accurately determine whether or not PMD requests will be approved or denied for payment.     

- Rules out requests for mobility equipment that are not considered a medical necessity.

- Provides free marketing support for DME providers to approach referring physicians and obtain accurate and complete PMD documentation. 

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