A Face-to-Face Solution Doctors Want

Date Published: January 30 2014

Register for a free (for AAHomecare members, $49 for non members) webinar on Thursday, February 6, 3:00 PM (EST)

Michael Blakey, President of, will present a 30-minute webinar about Face-to-Face solutions physicians want, hosted by AAHomecare.

The presentation will review lessons learned, new developments and the best solution for obtaining Medicare-compliant Face-to-Face documentation from referral sources and passing pre-and post-payment audits.


       1. The evolution of DME documentation – lessons learned, the cycle of the DME industry and CMS regulations.


       2. The current Face-to-Face rule – new developments including clarifications and targeted enforcement.


       3. Solutions for obtaining compliant documentation.

           a. Using electronic templates. 

           b. Educating DME company staff. A top-down approach and conveying the importance of face-to-face documentation.

           c. Knowing how to best approach and educate referral sources to create accurate and compliant documentation.

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" is the perfect solution to time management and accurate documentation," James Smith, M.D.