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Date Published: February 18 2014

How is face-to-face encounter documentation added to EHRs?

Upon completion of the face-to-face encounter for power mobility, oxygen or PAP therapy, the practitioner reviews the corresponding document (such as face-to-face evaluation notes, a seven-element order, detailed written order, form 484) authenticates it and generates a PDF. Just like any other type of patient documetation, such as diagnostic lab test results, the PDF can be uploaded and included in all electronic health records (EHRs). Practitioners find the process of saving and uploading PDFs quick and easy. The PDF can also be printed. 

This information is brought to you by Tips From The Trenches, in response to FAQs from our customers. is a web-based software with up-to-date criteria for medical justification built in to assist HME providers in obtaining and preparing accurate face-to-face encounter documentation.

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