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Date Published: September 24 2012 launches first and only online program for medical justification. is now available nationwide for practitioners to provide fast and accurate medical justification required by Medicare.

Constant audits and Prior Authorization has made it more critical than ever for medical equipment providers to receive the correct paperwork from physicians requesting assistive devices. In less than 20 minutes,'s algorithmic methodology compares a physician’s answers to the patient's history, related exam and durable medical equipment (DME) decision, with the Medicare coverage criteria. The result is a portable document format (PDF) that can be saved automatically in the electronic medical records (EMR) and printed for the preferred DME company.

 "Our goal is to save physicians time and to ensure that the DME provider submits accurate medical justification," said Katherine Sims, Director of Marketing and Communications for completely eliminates any questions the physician and the DME provider may have as to what equipment the patient qualifies for.

"We take the guess work out of DME paperwork," Sims said. "The result is a HIPAA compliant document and happy customers, including the patient, the physician, the DME provider and insurance company." was designed by physicians, for physicians and practitioners to provide an easy and accurate solution to producing Medicare’s documentation requirements for medical equipment, including power chairs, respiratory devices and more. The online program simply asks practitioners appropriate questions and generates the face to face evaluation and seven element order required to request medical equipment.

" incorporates the concept of electronic templates for medical justification and takes that idea a quantum leap forward. The answers and format are unique to the individual patient. The outcome is a positive experience for all involved," Sims said.

Sims explained the process is easy. DME providers can register online at's HIPAA compliant website, fund a password protected account and send an invitation to the physicians who refer business to them. Physician's can access the account for free and quickly directs them through the evaluation of the patient’s history, the DME related exam and the equipment decision. Upon completion, produces a PDF that can be transferred into the EMRs and sent by email to the chosen DME provider. Upon receipt of the signed PDF, available for faxing immediately, the DME provider submits the signed and approved paperwork to Medicare.

" is the perfect solution to time management and accurate documentation," said James Smith, M.D., Internal Medicine Physician. "During a face to face patient assessment, there are times when it's unclear when further documentation is needed. makes it clear when documentation is required."

Sims said her team is excited to be able to offer a solution to medical justification required by Medicare. "Compliance is more important than ever. Being able to meet the standards set by Medicare quickly and accurately is a win-win situation for all involved."

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" is the perfect solution to time management and accurate documentation," James Smith, M.D.